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WOOHOO Deodorant & Anti Chafe Stick URBAN

WOOHOO Deodorant & Anti Chafe Stick URBAN

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Woohoo Body's original award-winning scent, Urban, is a crowd favourite. With its sophisticated yet subtle floral and vanilla aroma and gentle pH-adjusted formula, it's a barely-there scent that you can count on to get the job done in style, protecting you from body odour and chafe all day long without missing a beat. 100% natural Deodorant & Anti-Chafe Stick

Strength: Regular

Smells like: Sophisticated florals

Packaging: Biodegradable cardboard (plastic free)

* Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free

* Toxin Free and Aluminium Salt Free

* Lasts all day (and then some)

* Protects from chaffing

* NO artificial fragrances

* Minimises wetness with absorbent starches and clays

- Every order plants a tree.

- We recommend washing all pre-loved clothing before wearing.

- We do our best to ensure all product descriptions/conditions are accurate.

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