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Pure Macadamia Soap 100g

Pure Macadamia Soap 100g

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Macadamia is the superstar of the nut world. Every part can be used, from the outer shell, the nutritious nut to its superior oil. The only thing this Pure Macadamia soap can’t brag about – its scent. It’s fragrant free. Nothing. Nada. Nil. Makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Perhaps that’s a brag after all.

-Great cleanser for all skin types

-Super gentle for sensitive or older skin

-Rich in plant oils (phytosterols) helps reduce inflammation

-100% pure, natural macadamia oil sourced from Queensland

-Contains omega-7 (palmitoleic acid) helps keep skin strong

-Can help limit wrinkly wrinkles (palmitoleic acid in our skin reduces with age)

Made in Australia

- Every order plants a tree.

- We recommend washing all pre-loved clothing before wearing.

- We do our best to ensure all product descriptions/conditions are accurate.

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