How do I donate and what can I donate?

We currently accept donations of all clothing- excluding intimates (underwear, socks). All of our donations can be organized through our contact page. We generally offer a bundle price on clothing and cover postage if required. Local, contactless pick-ups are also available around Adelaide.

Payment for items are made via OSKO or in exchange for a store gift card.

Other items that can be donated are books, accessories & shoes.

Prices offered will depend on condition of clothing and quantity.

What happens to stained clothing?

We do our best to save any clothing that comes to us that has seen better days. Clothing that is damaged or untreatable- if it CAN be worn, we offer at a very low cost to reflect the condition. If it CANNOT be saved, these clothes are then repurposed into handmade bows or cleaning cloths.

Clothing Sizes

We currently stock clothing ranging from AU 0000-18 or AU XS-XXL. We do our best to source clothing for all sizes when they become available.

We also do our best to correctly list sizing and true sizing best to our knowledge. 

Do you have eco-friendly packaging?

YES! We ship all of our customer orders in Heaps Good packing bags or cardboard boxes, which are either recycled from stock orders or purchased through a sustainable company. We encourage our customers to compost and recycle their packaging thoughtfully.